Board and Staff

Board of Directors Crossroads Community, Inc.

Samantha Parker, President

Open, Secretary

Ashyrra Dotson, Treasurer

Robin Lawson

Cheryl Saunders

Shontel Wilmer

Lt. John Dolgos


Senior Staff

Holly Ireland, Executive Director

Katherine Schoonover, Administrative & Finance Director

Kara Morris, Program Director

Maurice Salamone, Quality & Compliance Specialist

Wendy Macer, Quality & Compliance Specialist

Kristy Pupillo, Residential Recovery Program Coordinator

Brian Lambert, Community Recovery and Respite Program Coordinator

Open, Vocational Coordinator

Open, Health Home Coordinator

Heidi Pearce, TAY Healthy Transitions Coordinator


Job Openings
Please use the following link to see the current open positions: Crossroads Community Inc - Job Opportunities (

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